4308 Downtowner Loop North
Mobile, AL 36609
(251) 343-1700

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  • Located off Airport Boulevard on Downtowner Loop North
  • Follows the course of study required by the state of Alabama
  • College Preparatory Program - Grades 6-12
  • L.D. Program for Students with ADD and ADHD
  • Tutoring available by appointment
  • Experienced and Certified Teaching Staff
  • Class of only one or two students per teacher in academic subjects
  • Student activities include: Student Government, Yearbook, and National Honor Society
  • Athletic Program is through The Chandler YMCA on Downtowner Blvd.
  • Electives include: Art, Spanish, Yearbook, Journalism, Speech and Creative Writing, Psychology, Computers
  • A caring, safe environment where students receive a quality education along with an appreciation for traditional family values. 

The Mission of the Arnold School of Alabama

The mission of The Arnold School is to create an education environment that will enable each student to grow according to his academic needs.  Some students are taught on a college preparatory level and others are taught according to their academic ability.  Each student progresses at a rate that is comfortable to him, going as slow or as fast as he is able to achieve.

The Purpose of the Arnold School

The purpose of The Arnold School is to provide academic excellence, through small classes taught on a one to one basis or two to one basis.  It is our aim to produce secure and successful young people in a small school atmosphere with positive achievement based on the individuality of each student.

The Origin of the Arnold School

The Arnold School was opened in February 1973 in Mobile as a branch school of The Arnold School of Pensacola, Florida.  It was patterned after Alexander Smith Academies located in Texas and Florida.  

Cynthia M. Garner, director of the school is the current owner.

The Facilities of The Arnold School

The Arnold School is a one story brick building that is approximately five thousand square feet with central heat and air.  It has twenty-three class rooms with an art room, a computer room and a large library/study hall.  There is also a break room with a refrigerator, two microwaves, a freezer, a vending machine and a drink machine.

  Enrollment Fees

Every Student, 6th - 12th grade, pays a tuition deposit of $150.00.  This deposit will hold a place for that student.  It is applied to the student's tuition and not in addition to it.  The enrollment agreement states that a student pays for only classes received or missed without notice, as well as a $150.00 withdrawal fee should the student not complete the year.


There are four options for making tuition payments.  Monthly payments are due between the first and the tenth of the month and a $10 late fee is applied after the fifteenth of the month.  The four options for making tuition payments are as follows:

Option #1     One annual payment of tuition due by September 1.
Option #2 Semi-annual payments - the first payment for six months is due by September 1, and the second half is due by January 1.
Option #3 Four quarterly payments - due by September 1, December 1, March 1, and June 1.
Option #4 Ten monthly payments - due August 1 through May 1.


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